Geaux for a Good Time, part 1: Lauren Thom, Fleurty Girl

PRSSA at Louisiana State University

“Started from the kitchen now we’re here.” No literally — Lauren Thom, founder of Fleurty Girl, began her t-shirt business from her kitchen table and has grown her dream to a multi-million dollar business.

Lauren Thom lived in Baton Rouge after earning her degree from the Manship School of Mass Communication and credits her stay as what helped her discover her true passion for her home city of New Orleans. While working in Baton Rouge, Thom secretly desired to make New Orleans-inspired t-shirts.

On a whim after getting her tax returns back, Fleurty Girl Lauren Thom put every penny into printing her t-shirt ideas. She moved back to New Orleans in a tiny shotgun house on Oak Street and converted the front to her first shop while she and her three children shared the back half of the 1,000 square foot home.

Her fame would come after what most business…

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